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Expect Your Workday to be Ruled by the Internet of Things in 2020


Jan, 15


Expect Your Workday to be Ruled by the Internet of Things in 2020

by Rob Roache, VP Business Solutions – Northwest Region, CenturyLink

As technology continues to evolve to support and create uses of the Internet of Things, it’s not hard to imagine — even predict — how businesses and their workers will come to depend on this interconnection among devices, users, and the Internet in everyday life.

In homes, cars, offices, stores and more, connected devices — an estimated 26 billion worldwide by 2020, according to Gartner — will have a wider influence on what we do, and how we do it.

Thanks to this interconnection, data will become ubiquitous. And more and better information will make devices smarter, having a big impact on business.

Our new infographic, “How the Internet of Things Will Rule Your Workday in 2020,” explores this further, giving us a picture of the state of IoT, six years into the future. Take a look at a day in the life of “Charlie,” in the year 2020:


What other influences do you think the Internet of Things will have on business in 2020? Check out CenturyLinkVoice on Forbes for more about how your business can prepare for the future with advanced technologies.

Rob Roache_VP Bus Dev_NW Region_CenturyLinkRob Roache Bio
Rob Roache leads the sales, engineering and sales support teams focused on serving global, enterprise, government and education customers across the Northwest. His teams are focused on solving the business challenges of customers using an extensive portfolio of network, hosting and managed services solutions.

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