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Microsoft Lowers prices for Azure BackUp service


Mar, 15

Microsoft Lowers prices for Azure BackUp service

Microsoft has just lowered the prices on Azure Backup making it cheaper to move business workloads to the cloud. The pricing for Backup effective April 1, 2015 reduces the cost of Backup for servers with larger amounts of data and accommodates backing up client machines. The Backup service will be charged based on the size of each protected instance in increments of 500GB. Additionally, Azure Storage will now be charged for separately providing the benefit of lower storage costs over time.

The price for Azure Backup is currently charged per ‘server protected plus storage’ rate. The new pricing model provides customers with the flexibility to use the most economical storage in Azure whilst aligning to how the industry changes for backup.

Costing Breakdown

  1. Small Instance Up to 50GB will be approximately $5/month + .02 cents per GB
  2. Medium Instance 51 to 500GB will be approximately $10/month + .02 cents per GB
  3. Large Instances for each 500 GB block will be approximately $10 per 500GB + .02 cents per GB

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