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How to Convince Your Boss to Get on the Cloud


May, 15

How to Convince Your Boss to Get on the Cloud


Picture this: You’re in yet another meeting with your client on a Wednesday afternoon. The topic on the agenda is an audit of the technology systems their company is running, and whether it is sufficient for business needs. At the end of the meeting, the client goes around and asks for questions.

“How about migrating some of our resources to the Cloud?”

Your client gives you the look of cynicism. Curling his lips he says, “I don’t know. I’m not quite sold on going to the Cloud yet. Everyone seems committed, but we aren’t everyone. Let’s address that in a few months.”

With a swift blow, you feel like your confidence – and your client, has been shattered. After all, you’ve been trying to convince them to move to the Cloud for the past couple of years with very little success.

That, however, is about to change.  In today’s blog post, we’re going to bust the myths that you may have heard from your peers – or even your boss – and set the record straight on why Cloud should be an emphasis for your company.

Myth 1: “The Cloud will make us less productive.”

With the rise of emerging technologies, Cloud only makes organizations more productive because of the opportunity to work from anywhere, anytime. Software like Microsoft Office 365 and Hosted Exchange mean that employees can work, collaborate, and meet anywhere to get work done, any time of the day.

If your company is looking to hire Millennials, who stand to become a majority in the workplace in 2015, moving to the Cloud is a very good move as well. With 41% of the workforce set to work remotely in the next 9 years, being able to implement collaboration and communication tools based on the Cloud may be the key to company survival.

Myth 2: “The Cloud is too expensive for us.”

Since Cloud technology means that resources are centralized, this can ultimately mean consolidation. Organizations in fields like insurance and government are seeing the benefits of the Cloud in their day-to-day activities, with a reduction of resources in IT, overall capital costs, lower operating costs, and fully utilized hardware.

If your company fears redundancy, moving to the Cloud is also cheaper because it means your IT department does not need to purchase duplicate software “just in case”. Having a Cloud management company uptime is a far better use of resources since they have multiple locations for their data centers and can mirror your data and applications across all of them as needed.

Myth 3: “No one else is using the Cloud. Why should we?”

Even though much of the public regards Cloud as a buzz word, the fact is that many companies are beginning to adopt Cloud for themselves. According to a RightScale survey, 94% of organizations are running Cloud applications and experimenting with infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) while another 87% are using public Cloud. A Rackspace Survey announced that 87% of companies are using the Cloud with 43% wishing they had converted sooner, with companies with less than 20 employees leading the way in overall adoption.

If you aren’t on the Cloud, you are among the ones who are and will be falling further behind the competition.

Are You Convinced? Take Your Cloud Prowess Further

If reading this post has inspired you to move forward and sell your client on Cloud and its benefits, then we have the solution for you! Join us this this summer in select cities around the United States as we hold a multi-vendor sponsored Cloud University where you can learn how to not only sell Cloud to your customers, but also increase lead generation on Cloud, so you can make it rain.

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