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The Nomadesk Value to Partners and Their Clients


Oct, 15

The Nomadesk Value to Partners and Their Clients


The continuous rise of consumer mobility and BYOD initiatives in the workplace has driven the adoption of cloud based file sharing services.  While most of these ‘freeware’ solutions solve the basic synchronisation and sharing demands, they equally pose a serious security risk and compliance threat to any organisation.  After all, employees could share valuable and sensitive corporate data with third parties outside of the organisation’s visibility and control, or storing documents in the public cloud, unprotected from prying eyes.

This creates plenty of opportunities for Nomadesk Channel Partners who would like to assist their clients who demand convenient access to data from any device, anywhere, in a controlled and secure manner.

In addition, Nomadesk features Theftguard remote wipe capability to ensure that IT always retains ultimate control over corporate data – even on remote or personal devices.


Nomadesk helps its resellers!

Built a portfolio of recurring revenue based on 5 magical things.

When you place a file in a Nomadesk Vault, it’s done automatically…

    Stored on the local machine, available offline and traceable with remote wipe i.e. Theftguard
    Retention of multiple versions and a cloud based trashcan
    To your other devices; delta-block level synchronisation protocol
    Your files are easily accessible via any smartphone and/or tablet; encrypted cache with remote wipe
    Invite other users to your Vault(s) to collaborate on files; use the Nomadesk widget to automatically publish content on your website; share FileLinks via the desktop or Outlook plugin

OUR commitment to our Partners:

  1. Operating a 100% channel sales strategy only:
    1. Your added value is essential to reach and assist end-user customers.
  2. Nomadesk is extremely well positioned. We help you compete better:
    1. Strong security features.
    2. Ease of use.
    3. Unlimited storage*.
  3. Target customers ranging from SMB to Enterprise across industries:
    1. Very low churn rate.
    2. Incremental seat sales within existing customers.
    3. Bundling options with your other services.
  4. Easy selling and provisioning via the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace:
    1. No investment needed: You simply sell, configure, provision, manage and invoice via Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.
    2. Nomadesk takes care of the operational side on your behalf.

* Fair use policy applies

Register for free for Cloud Elevate and Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and start selling Nomadesk today.

Cloud Elevate:  http://elevate.ingrammicrocloud.com.au

Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace:  https://au.cloud.im

Article Contributor: Sander Haar – Cloud Business Manager

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