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Azure Backup: Part of a Winning Formula


Nov, 15

Azure Backup: Part of a Winning Formula

My name is Jason Lambert and I am a Cloud Technical Consultant at Ingram Micro Cloud.

On many Partner calls Partners just like you want to know how to move forward with Cloud Solutions. I get questions, like “What are other Partners like me doing? Where would we start?” Most of the time I will point our partners to two initiatives. The first is email; the second is backup.

Backup is a proven, cloud solution for Partners to engage with their end customers. We all know every server (physical or virtual) on the planet needs to be backed up. Statistics show that many end customers, especially in the SMB segment of the market, do not have a backup solution that works. I’ve heard many horror stories in my career around backup where, if that data was lost, then most companies could not recover and wind up going out of business.

Azure Backup, as of its latest release on October 7, is an excellent solution on the market. Here’s a link the write up on Microsoft’s latest release. In addition to introducing workload backup capability, Microsoft Azure Backup Server comes with support for backup of:

  • Large data sources,
  • Long-term retention up to 99 years
  • SQL Server
  • Hyper-V VMs
  • SharePoint Server
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Windows clients with support for both Disk to Disk backup for local copies and Disk to Disk to Cloud backup for long term retention
  • Capability to recover data from Azure Backup vault using an alternate server

Here is the link for Azure Backup customers to download the component – See:https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=49170

For details around prerequisites, configuration, FAQs, etc. refer to the Azure Backup documentation.

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