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Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud Now Available in Australia


Mar, 17

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud Now Available in Australia

To help partners address their customers’ most challenging IT security demands, we’re pleased to add Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud to the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace in Australia.
As our resellers know, IT security for small and mid-sized businesses continues to grow increasingly complex—and ever so necessary. Even while cyber-attacks become more advanced and rampant; employees demand the flexibility of BYOD and remote workplaces, requiring businesses to invest in robust security management to protect their critical data and digital assets. Luckily, Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud offers market-leading security that enables businesses to stay ahead of threats without breaking the budget.
Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud is a complete and cost-effective security management solution that provides a way for Ingram Micro Cloud partners to manage their end-customers’ security both in and outside of the corporate network. Managed from a centralized console, it combines the most comprehensive range of endpoint protection, management, mobility and encryption into a single cloud-based solution to protect a growing number of devices, including PCs, tablets, smartphones and servers. Plus, Symantec’s cloud-based security solution is easy to use and simple to set up, allowing partners to seamlessly deploy, manage and secure their customers’ devices quickly and with minimal resources.
When it comes to security, you can’t take chances with your clients’ most valuable data. Protect your customers against the threats of tomorrow by purchasing Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud via the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace today.

Learn more at https://au.cloud.im/en/products/symantec/endpoint-protection/

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