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Meet the new Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace Control Panel and Experience the Difference!


Oct, 18

Meet the new Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace Control Panel and Experience the Difference!

The new unified control panel offers up a fresh, modern look with quick and convenient functionality. Plus, it is now so responsive that it works just as well on your desktop as your smartphone and tablet.

Launching 15 October (US time), when you log in, you’re in for an upgraded experience!

Three, two, one.

In the unified control panel, we’ve successfully combined what were three panels (transaction, administration, and management) into a single, visually appealing and user-friendly panel that puts you in control!

The new panel will be your one-stop shop for all Reseller activities.

The power of the panel
From the new consolidated panel, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage customers – register them, update their profiles, login as them
  • Monitor account status — view credit limit and balances, view recent transactions, add a backup credit card
  • Manage your account — view and pay Ingram Micro Cloud invoices, add/select payment method, view your profile, view account history
  • Export/download rated billing data – run daily, weekly, monthly and ad-hoc reports for invoicing and billing reconciliation

Now Open: The New Store

You can shop for and purchase new items on behalf of your customers from a new store front right inside the unified control panel. Easily locate what you need with a powerful search function, along with a quick view of top-selling and popular products and a list of service categories.

Too much change?

Don’t worry about the roll-out. Even after we enable the new control panel experience, you’ll still be able to access the old panel through a Classic Mode option – for some period of time, anyway – until you realise how much you love the new control panel.

Experience the new experience

We’re pretty proud of the new look and feel, and are confident that you will like it too. We’re committed to a great user experience and will be incorporating even more functionality going forward…

COLOR SCHEME Unlimited color options are avaliable via Options Panel.