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Dropbox Business


Introducing Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business is a powerful, cloud-based collaboration platform that allows employees to access their files anytime, anywhere. It’s the Dropbox that hundreds of millions of users already know and love, with the control that IT needs.

Join the Dropbox Partner Network

  1. Go to www.dropbox.com/partner.
  2. Login if you have an existing Dropbox account, or create an account and login.
  3. Follow the “Apply to become a Reseller” link.
  4. Fill in the Reseller application form which will generate a Reseller ID.
  5. If you have an existing account with Ingram Micro, activate your Cloud Marketplace account with your existing Ingram micro credentials and you are ready to transact Dropbox Licenses.If you don’t have an existing account with Ingram Micro, complete the Ingram Micro registration process.

Register your interest

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Key features of Dropbox Business

Admin Console

The Admin Console empowers admins to effectively manage company data. Audit logs and dashboards provide visibility into team activity, while powerful sharing controls ensure that data stays in the right hands.

As much space as you need

Secure infrastructure

5 x faster sync than competitors

Remote wipe


Delta, LAN, Streaming Sync

Why sell Dropbox Business

Easy to position

Dropbox is chosen by hundreds of millions of users and 8M businesses

Over 200K+ companies trust Dropbox Business to securely store, collaborate files on any device

Recurring Revenue

Annual renewals, recurring contribution quota

Sold on a per-license basis for scale

Opportunities to attach

Hundreds of thousands of connected apps and integrations including: Salesforce, Adobe, and Autodesk

Dropbox Business API for enterprise

Exclusive Microsoft features and Office365 integrations

Works on any device, any OS

How to position Dropbox Business to your valued customers

Download the Dropbox Business Playbook

Why resell Dropbox?

Watch the youtube video here

Why sell Dropbox Business with Office 365?

Hundreds of millions of users rely on Dropbox to be the home for their most important information, and over 1 billion people use Microsoft Office. Even better, over 17 million people already use the Dropbox and Office integrations across desktop and mobile so you’ll be tapping into a large installed base that is familiar with the solutions.

Stronger solution for your customers: By using the two solutions, customers get the power of Dropbox without giving up the Office platform they rely on. It’s a win for end users who love the products, and a win for IT teams who need to control their business data.

Download the Office 365 and Dropbox datasheet

Partner Sales Kit

Webinar recordings


Do you sell Adobe Creative Cloud or Autodesk?

Dropbox Business provides an excellent attach opportunity.

Download the Adobe and Dropbox datasheet

Download the Autodesk and Dropbox datasheet

How does Dropbox stack up against other solutions?

Download the Comparative enterprise feature checklist

Over 4,000 educational institutions worldwide use Dropbox

Download the Collaborate with Dropbox Education datasheet

Find out more about the Dropbox reseller program

Download the Dropbox Reseller Program Guide

How to deploy and manage Dropbox on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace?

Go to our knowledge base here

How to access Dropbox reseller training?

Click here and sign up with the code Dropbox

What’s upcoming on Dropbox?

Check out this YouTube video for a new technology preview from Dropbox . A revolutionary new way to access all your files.

Questions? Contact the Ingram Micro Cloud Team

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